I have been reviewing my sites and realizing there are errors here and there.  I did a lot of work here over the years and realized that not everything makes perfect sense.  I am trying to correct these writing errors as I see them but I have created a lot of works here.  Why I apologize for any errors I want my audience whether it is one person or a million to realize I did my best.  Between the years of 2008-2011 were some hard years for me as I was struggling with mental problems so I apologize for any errors in my writing style you might find.  

Thank you for your patience, 
sincerely Dale Lee Gordon

I am struggling with everything I do here at The Way Out Ministries (  Here is the page with everything you need to know about where help is and where you can find the latest changes.  I will be posting latest changes with the links to go with them.  I am excited to tell you that things here at all my sites and Color Your World With God's Love Ministries changes quite often.  You will find the peace love and joy God has given to me over the years which you too can experience.  

I want to start out by giving you a link to TextAloud where you can download a free trial and purchase it if you like this program.  This program will allow your computer to read to you so that you do not need to spend endless hours in front of a computer screen.  I know I am very long winded but I feel I have a lot of important things to say since the good LORD has given me Bible wisdom.  I think once you get over the fact that our God wants a relationship with you and the fact that our relationship is not always easy, you will soon discover the love God has in store for you.  Amen

​Purchase Text Aloud click here! has been receiving constant you tube video updates.  

I know I often make out God to be a serious God but there is a lot of love in him.  I think the following website is a good site to visit since you can realize that you are loved by the KING. 

I want you to also realize I am only human and I too am not perfect.  I know I am harder on myself than most people will probably ever be.  I realize what I have often done is spoken death to myself and I have to change.  Just realize I worked through times of emotional roller coaster rides, as well as times where God's love flourished in my life.  I stayed busy no matter what.  AMEN... 

If you are at a complete loss you may contact by website or phone:  1-800-need-him   In case you can't see that text it is 1-800-need-him or you may click the  above hyperlink.  

I wrote a lot about love especially that love related to God.  You will find a website that may be helpful, at least it was healing to me when I wrote it:  It is at  which talks about when a person in authority, in my case a pastor, abused me.  Click overcoming abuse  here or on the above site to see how in my case a pastor used me and got away with it.  I know I often cry a pity party of my own but some of you may be able to relate in your own way.